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XuNsPoKeNxFeArSzX (profile) wrote,
on 6-27-2004 at 12:08am
Current mood: SHITTY
Music: 'Leave Dat Boy Alone' by D12
Subject: Broken Hearts Is The Worst Thing About Being In Love
okay.. so today sucks.. really sucks... i just found out my uncle jimmy is locked up AGAIN.. and the boy i 'like' goes out with sum one.. Crdabko : jon is soo taken ... so yeah today TOTALLY sucks.. and worst of all.. there is NOTHING i can do bout any of this... Every one i kno has some one that they call cal their.. cept christa.. and she is like the ONLY person that can understand me.. but im not sure she can understand me rite now.. i cant even undetstand myself.. any way.. every one has sum where to go tomorrow.. but me.. of course.. thats how every thing in this life of mine works.. every one has fun.. and i dnt.. boo hoo.. I FUCKIN HATE.. every one that is HAPPY needs to FUCKING die.. maybe this just isnt my day.. and the only thing is.. it just FUCKING started.. well maybe i will write later.. maybe..
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