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thoughtskill (profile) wrote,
on 6-27-2004 at 1:32pm
Current mood: flirty
Music: 99x
i c0uldnt love y0u m0re *
i miss jay..
went 2 nicks house =] we watched rest of our m0vie n then markus picked us up & we went 2 the m0viez.. havnt been t0 the m0vies in f0rever saw s0 many pe0ple .. watched the terminal <-- reallllly long movie.. th0ught it was never g0nna freakin end .. when it finally did we went 0utside & then kaelas m0m picked kaela,me,sarah, n chris up.. n she asked if we wanted t0 stay 4 an0ther h0ur n i really did cuz i wanted 2 stay w/ nick s0 i convinsed every1 else t0 stay .. n nick g0t really sick =[ but then he drank s0me water n felt a lil bit better n me & nick walked 2 the gas stati0n cuz every1 was thirsty as hell ..`lets buy bagged ice! what can u d0 with bagged ice? what cant y0u d0 with bagged ice?? lol
<3* n then we finally went h0me - g0t h0me r0und 1`am .. kaela spent the night..

Me & kaela woke up n went 2 nicks r0und 2.. hung 0ut with my babi sister kayla .. watched h0me m0vies 0f muh babii when he was a babii =] he was s0o0o0o0o0o0o cute nd he never w0re cl0thz.. lol.. he haznt really changed lol .. nd then me nd kayla n kaela ate p0psiclez.. played the drumz.. & tryed 2 skateb0ard .. n then we went t0 the m0vies .. saw the n0teb0ok <-- really sad but happy at the same time .. then saw d0dgeball again <-- it was better the second time .. lol .. markus n nick were g0ing krazii laughin.. n me n kae were jus lyk mmhmm... n then kaelas m0m picked us up n we all relised we hadnt ate anything all day.. s0 s he dr0pped them 0ff n we came h0me n ate pizza ice cream & pb&j .. lol .. nd we watched p0rn lyk always .. =D and went 2 sleep...

I <33 nick 2 much *
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