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daydream (profile) wrote,
on 6-28-2004 at 4:59am
Music: talk shows on mute-incubus
these summer nights only bring rain and heartache.
the events that have taken place in fenton, missouri this weekend have been absolutely ridiculous. parts of some nights were fantastic, and others i wish i could just erase from my memory all together. on the good side, that boy and i finally kissed. and I made the move. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is a first. believe you me. just a sweet kiss goodbye, nothing more nothing less. it was however, completely perfect.
on a not so hot note, i ended my night tonight angry at some of my friends and with dave hickman bawling in my arms. seeing him cry was just, bizaar. he's not an easy person to crack, but i suppose learning your ex girlfriend may have been cheating on you towards the end of your relationship could have that effect. not to mention that she blatently lied about having another guy over tonight. i haven't seen dave in a good three months. tonight we just happen to run into eachother, talk for a while, exchange phone numbers, twenty minutes later i'm watching him crumble in my arms. i love dave, he's an amazing person and seeing him like that made me want to cry with him. i remember when i first met him and started to have this huge crush on him. i was the new, nervous sophmore and he was the wise crackin' senior everyone loved. that's all it ever was, and i never really thought we'd be close friends. a few months down the line, i'm the person he's coming to for relationship help. it's crazy how things work out. he called me again about an hour ago just to talk. i have a feeling i'll be seeing a lot more of dave. he's good people, i'm glad to know him because his character is so genuine. i like that. i like that a lot.
going back to that boy. joe, is his name. he's still confusing me like i never thought possible. i thought i was so sure of what i wanted. i was so proud of my self last night. and today, sitting in my car he whispered, "come here" and pulled me towards him only to kiss me like i haven't been in much too long of a time. i've kissed plenty of boys, some meaningful, most were just added to my list of regrets. but this one. this joe hart character, to be this caught up about it isn't like me. i think i'm falling in like and i know i'm lovin' every minute of it.
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