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KirbyDee (profile) wrote,
on 6-28-2004 at 1:07pm
Current mood: tired/ nautious
Music: Change The World (InuYasha opening) by V6
Subject: *yawn*
So yesterday we celebrated my cousin Fuji's 17th birthday. No offense to my cousin, but it was a waste of my time since she didn't really spend her time with us but with her friends. Who, I prersonally think along with a good majority, are a bunch of retards. ^_^

Went home with my cousin Vena and we saw The Notebook, very good movie. Kind of easy to guess the next move but it's really good, it made me cry and we all know I don't cry. ^_^ Plus, you could hear all of these girls sniffling throughout the movie and guys, there are some pretty steaming scenes ^.~ Lol, but it made me wish Adam was back (well, more that I already did but not the point) ^_^ Anyway, it was a great movie.... *dreamy sigh*

Have that running clinic today at twelve, bleh... I feel sick but I have to go. But camp this sunday! YAY!!!!!!!! *happy dance* I need to go shopping for summer clothes and I need a cute two piece, I don't like the ones I have.
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