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KirbyDee (profile) wrote,
on 6-28-2004 at 8:15pm
Current mood: pissed, stressed, borderling suicidal
Music: Going Under- Evanesence
Subject: ... grrr....
So I went to pick up the babies with my mom, then we went to Foothill because she paid too much for my summer school and then to Petco to buy Cleo some treats. Now, I wasn't about to bring up the ball python thing because I ended that months ago when she screamed at the snake book I bought. Borrowed two from the library, bought two via Anyway, so I went looking for her and she was in the reptile section and she was like, "Hey Dee, they have that snake you want and it's on sale. If you hold it, I'll get it for your birthday." I wasn't swayed because I thought it was a joke but she kept saying it, so I got my hopes up and as soon as I said sure she acts like she never said it. So I drop it and we pay but William was still in the store so we waited and the cashier lady just so happened to go back and take one of the ball pythons out and I was like, "Mom! That's the snake I want!" And she said "if you hold it..." which is like an unwritten rule in our house, if you want an animal you must hold it. Dumb rule, but whatever. I actually do my research so it doesn't matter to me, it's when the babies get involved that it gets bad. ANYWAY! So I asked her if I could and she said yeah, so I held it and talked to my mom about what I would do when I went to college and blah blah... I don't have to live in a dorm first year, I'm going to put a downpayment on an apartment (dad left me money when he died, only to be used when I'm 18) and rent out the extra rooms to pay the loan and blah blah blah so I could take it with me. I don't care if I don't live in a dorm 1st year, I just want to take Cleo Misty and be able to have a snake.... *sigh* I thought I learned she lied about animals when I was little... guess I got caught up in the promise and wanted to believe it was true. She was like, "We can take a vote" Hmmm let's see the results would be: Me- Yes, obviously. Mike- Yes cuz he loves me. Will- No cuz he hates me. Bill- No cuz he hates animal. Darin- No cuz he hates me. Mom- No cuz she hates snakes, or some other stupid reason. It's as fruitless as trying to get her to let me spend the night at Yee's... I think I'm going to hurl, and my head feels like it's going to explode....
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