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bocaheath05 (profile) wrote,
on 6-28-2004 at 8:11pm
Subject: more love, less handle
woohu is good for venting when i don't really want anyone to know about my situation. i mean i know some people read this but i think the people i don't want reading my journal read my livejournal...well at least i think.

i'm still completely upset about the current situation. i mean he loves her. love is so....big. it's like "i love you. marry me!" i am just so fucking angry. why can't he love me? oh right, because i am just the girl he has feelings for, can't be the one he loves. but you know what? maybe it is good he doesn't love me. cause like i said, it's love.

ok. i take that back. i totally want him to love me.

i want to hate him, but the more i want to hate the more i think about him and, as weird as it is, like him.

i am going up north on thursday so hopefully i will start to forget all the conversations we had. all the times i dreamt about him. the past days of crying. it's just, depressing.

when i'm gone IM me cause i'll have all my IMs forwarded to my phone.

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