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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 6-30-2004 at 12:26am
oops i did it again
i played with your heart
got lost in the game
"oooh" baby baby
oops you think im in LOOOVE
that im sent from aboooovvveeee
im not that inecent (h/e you spell it)
you see mah problem is this (i think thats it)
im dreamin away
wishin that heroes they truly exist
i cry watchin the days
cant you see im a fool in so many ways
but to lose ALLLL myyyee senses
that is just so typically me!!
ooooooh baby baby
^^^ me n lacey wrote that song!! lmfao!!! i love you laceeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

ooh baby baby (she seems to say that a lot) (actually, we say it a lot b/c ya know.. we wrote it lmao)
how was i supposed to know
that somethin wasnt right here
oooh baby baby
i shouldnt have let you goooooooooo
but now your outta sight yeah
show me
how you want it to be
tell me baby cause i need to know now
what we got
my lonliness is killin me
"aaaannnnndddddd iiiiiii"
i must confess i still beleive
when im not with you i lose mah mind
^^^ n therrs another one

we decided to make a remix of one of britneys famous songs "im not a girl not yet a woman" (beleive it or not.. we didnt write that one)[[question by kayla:: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?!]]

i used to think
i had the answers to everything
but now i know
that lyposuction doesnt always go my way
feels like im caught in the ________ (open for suggestions)
thats when i realize
im not a chub
not yet bulimic
all i need is time
a tiolet that is mine
while im releasing
im not a chub
there is no need to feed me
its time that i learn the new carb diet on my own
i've weighed so much more then you know nowww
so dont tell me im oversized
im not a chub
not yet bulimic
all i need is time
a toilet that is mine
while im releasing
im not a bulimic
there is no need to judge me
its time that i seek profeesional help before it kills me...

we're still workin on it.. but if you have ne suggestions please PLEASE let us know!!
thank you

the next... uhhh.. really big song writer people. yeah.
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