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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 6-30-2004 at 12:41am
Current mood: contemplative
Music: ..WuT is iT t0 buRn -->> FiNCH..
me nd miKe are d0iing great! i've seen hiim everyydayy f0r the past 2 weeksz. nd t0niight isz the last niight t0 see hiim until m0nDayy! but isz 0k cuz maybee n0t seeing each 0ther f0r 4 dayysz will be g00d f0r hiim t0 w0rk shyt 0ut wit phiL nd chAz cuz phiL still lykesz me nd w0nt see miKe until we're n0t t0gether (( which isz gayy cuz phiL hadda a chance t0 be wit me )) but miKe saidD he dun car nd if phiL wantsz t0 be a pussy .. then wutever. nd isz guna be g00dD f0r me t0 be wit my familyy .. even th0 imma miss hiim lyke CRAZYY. aHh, it's guna suck s0o0o badD. but he's calliin METR0 PCS t0dayy s0o he can get his text-messagiing h00kedD upp s0o wen he cant talk .. he can juss sayy cute shyt. l0l, s0o yea, t0niight we're guna g0 d0wn t0 the beach nd juss talk nd shyt. i think it will be madD cute. well, i havent calledD edDy in lyke a m0nth nd he juss s0o happensz t0 call me last niight at 3am nd tell me that he missesz me nd talksz ab0ut h0w he l0vesz me nd wantsz t0 be wit me. i kn0 i sh0ulda t0ld hiim riight there that i have a man .. but i t0ldD hiim i'd thiink b0ut it. n0w, i kn0 f0r a fact .. i'm n0t guna d0 nethiing t0 fuck upp me nd miKe nd i c0uldD findD a milli0n reas0nsz why miKe isz better f0r me .. but - i GET WEAK WEN iT C0MESZ T0 EDDY! but i thiink im juss guna tell edDy straight upp .. the truth. newh0, eRin c0mesz h0me s00n .. YAY . i S00 CANT WAiT!

s0o jAx left yesterdayy f0r NEW Y0RK. it sucksz ass but we hung 0ut the last c0uple 0f dayysz nd alm0st b0ught a puppy! 0h yea, miKe nd me r guna buyy an 0range nd whiite kitten nd isz guna stayy at miKe's place cuz my rentsz w0nt let me have 0ne. he wantsz t0 name it TiGER nd i wana name it CRUSH. but i guess we're juss guna have t0 pick 0ne. l0l. but jAx t0ldD me sum crazyy shyt the 0ther niight. g0d, i wish she never went thru it. i relle hate t0 see her hurtiing s0o badD inside nd i wana make her feel better. but i'm happyy she t0ldD me. nd i'm even m0re happyy we're bec0miin best friendsz again. jeNny nd me went sh0ppiin a c0uple dayysz ag0. she's g0iin 0ut wit sum new kidD aLex. ALEX JACK0FF .. l0l miKe nd jeNny. she hasnt met miKe yet but she's talkedD t0 hiim 0n the ph0ne.

s0o miKe bl0wsz glass nd he t0ld me he's guna make me a glass r0se. h0w incrediblyy cute isz that?! i seen his REEFER pipesz he's bl0wn nd they're baller awesum! l0l, i s0o cant wait f0r the r0se! 0k, i g0tta d0 sum shyt nd get all my cl0thesz washedD bef0re i start packiing. i'll write b0ut my triip wen i get back. HAPPY 4TH 0F JULY every0ne. have a g00dD weekendD! xoxoxo (( oNe ))

<33 shaWna
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