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Jessika (profile) wrote,
on 7-1-2004 at 12:31am
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Subject: horoscope!

Gemini - Horoscope for June 28 - July 4

This week you are likely to be headstrong and rash at times.

Wild and daring physical activities (or just plain recklessness and impatience) can put you into dangerous situations.

Your drive for freedom, independence, and absolute authority over your own life is quite strong.

You tend to be very abrupt and inconsiderate of others.

It's best for you not to try to cooperate or slow down your pace to suit other people too much.

You need to follow your own rhythm.

You are likely to actually act on some of the more unusual or "crazy" impulses you feel from time to time: you crave excitement.

You may not feel free and can resent others who you believe inhibit your freedom and originality.

Take the time to explain your position and others may be better able to accommodate you.

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Gemini - Your Love Profile

Your positive traits:

Your lively, outgoing attitude attracts people to you everywhere you go.

You can talk your way into - and out of - any situation you desire.

You're adaptable enough to flirt with anyone - and people tend to fight over you.

Your negative traits:

You get easily bored in relationships, and tend to jump from person to person.

You tend to be a bit of a player - and have a high tolerance for drama in relationships.

Not the most emphathetic person, you tend to tell lovers to "get over" their problems.

Your ideal partner:

Is intelligent and quick witted enough to keep you interested.

Is a bit of a shape shifter, providing you with the variety you crave.

An open minded person, who's willling to have a non-traditional relationship.

Your dating style:

Exciting. If your date shows you a new experience (like Egyptian food or scuba diving), you're very happy.

Your seduction style:

Experimental: it's rare that you try the same thing twice.

Ultra kinky - you do stuff that's not even in books yet.

Hot and cold... sometimes you're just not into the whole sex thing.

Tips for the future:

Settle down a little. Sometimes good things come with time - so don't let people go so fast.

Acknowledge that you're a player and flirt. If your mate can't live with this, find someone who can.

Give your partner a little more attention. You don't have to be a social butterfly all the time.

Best place to meet someone online: - enough sexy singles for you to find a new playmate when you get restless

Best color to attract mate: Sunny yellow

Best day for a date: Wednesday

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