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-allister- (profile) wrote,
on 7-1-2004 at 10:48am
Subject: hnmmm i hate this world.
dont you hate it when you have plans to go do some thing. but then it is riped right from your hands the day before your going. and then what your mom said you cant tell them the same thing so you have to say some thing like well i would but my mom said i cant go (why?) well because ummmmmm?i'm now grounded.

and then you feel bad about it?

yeah well this weekend starting today i would be off with my friends desiree. but now i cant do you want to know why? well because aron her mom's boyfriend will be going, and last time i guess he was looking at my i dont know like i was a peice of candy. yeah well i did not see any thing like that. so now my mom is scared that i will be raped (like my sister).

*looks down* about ready to stick a hole in the wall about now. i'm sooooo pissed i could just scream (oh wait i already did that).

ok to change the topic yesterday i was at the movies to go and see spiderman 2 with my mom we went for the first show at north star (it was packed). after the show i went to the bathroom. well when comming out of the bathroom who is there for me to see?
i bet you would never guess right. so i'll tell ya i saw jole(my ex boyfriend).

i kind of looked at him and turned my head away there was no telling that he saw me. because i know he did and i know he knew who i was to. and for all of you who dont know him well here you are.

see it all started with carley and her boyfriend at the movies and me and pop-tart and jole and stephon (or how ever you spell his name). well later that like week i called him and he was having so much trouble asking me out (i thought it was funny). but as days went by i seemed to notice i was the only one every calling. well we went on one date. but things did not go to well there either. i keep calling him and finally one day i said well i'm not going to call any more i want to see how long it will take for him to call me. and here i am still waiting and this happened a lot time ago. sad eh?

yeah well thats what i have to say nothing else crossed my mind because i'm still pissed and i am hoping my mom was right because i will be so pissed if she is wrong.(wait i'm already pissed).

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