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melikepeas (profile) wrote,
on 7-1-2004 at 11:46pm
Current mood: okay
Music: none too late for those sinanigans
Subject: Scary angst fest of doom @ the ship
It was scarey at the ship. Too much to explain, just one more reson to hate alcohol and violence.
Humm. I just wanted to spend these two days with damian spending some time just the two of us. But again it was the two of us and a load of his mates (the majority of whom I really really dislike with a passion), again sat in the pub drinking or sat in the pub watching him play pool, both of which are offensively boring. Again he came to bed hours after me when i was asleap and i woke up hours before him. Its like were never just sally and damian were always sally and damian and damians mates.
Fuck it im being unfair and a bitch its not like i dont have my mates. Its just that i miss the actual just us.
Im not sure what to do this friday. damian wants me to go to his. but if i do this i know for a fact that i wont have a very good nights sleep (not due to a late night but due to loud music/banging/shouting, which are all unavoidable even if daim askes em to keep it down) and ill wake up and feel ick and also look like ick. you shouldve seen the clip of me today walking round town it was horrid, i hate looking bad/smelling bad (ie of unwashed hair and rollies), it leads to me feeling shite about myself for the rest of the day (call me shallow but i cant get away from it). I really dont want to be worn out and stuff on the very first day of my very first job, first impressions matter to me. I wish damian could come down mine but he cant because his dad is bringing money down for him *brian wave* ooh his dad can shove it though the letter box and frog can put it somewhere safe, maybe, possibly, ill ask daim about it.
oooh i got a tamagotchi!! WEEEEE!! i love it so much.
Damian hates it and says it pisses him off, i dont understand why when he was sat with his mates and having convos with them not me o.0 ah well.
i miss him already *pet lip* no i really do. Im such a mong, i think i need to buy him a lead and take him with me where ever i go so if i want hugs and kissies i can get them. I dpnt like sleeping in an empty bed anymore.
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