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Kandy (profile) wrote,
on 7-1-2004 at 8:33pm
Current mood: bitchy
gah my life sucks. no only did i get a ticket and my life was already getting hard... dad took away my car for a few days at least. plus i might just get a car so i can say screw you and get my own insurance but i still have to find a car i can buy :( and i have only about 400.. :( at least after tuesday i will. so not only do i need money for a car i need money for taxes and title plus insurance up front. So i'm basically screwed. :( :( FUCKING-A! it's either that or put up with dad's rules about the car till i can manage to get one. so if anyone knows about cheap cars or could set me up with a deal like payment plan type stuff... that'd be great!!but yeah.. right now i'm going to go dissappear like i really wanted to do last night. ya know since i cried for forever.. dissappearing sounds better now. so see ya!
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