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FreakishIYK (profile) wrote,
on 7-1-2004 at 11:45pm
Current mood: alright
Music: Slipknot-The Virus of Life
Subject: Mohawk Puppy...
I meant to update last night but I never got around to it. But not a whole lot has happened really...

I just got home from Mike's around 11, and now I'm just kinda hanging out..little boring, but oh well. Tomorrow we're going to see Spiderman 2, I heard it was good. I wanna see. I hope the rest of tomorrow goes well...hmm.

I called Tiffany today, but I couldn't get a hold of her. I hope she's not mad or anything...I feel like shit for leaving her hanging like that. I should invite her to sleep over, or something, ya know?

I also talked to Ashley today for a bit. She still doesn't know about Mike...good. Although, she did mention him. She asked if I still hung out with him, but she also got him confused with the other Mike (the bad remember, don't ya?.....well you should, that twerp)

Hmm, what else? oh my dog, Rollie, now has a blue mohawk. Yep. My mom shaved him and when I got home he had a little mohawk, it's cute. So I went out and got some food coloring and mixed it with a little bit of gel...and now it's blue. The next day I dyed Precious' hair too (Dan's dog) I dyed the tips of her ears and tail red, but dying the tail wasn't a good idea. She put her tail in-between her legs before it could dry and for the first just didn't look right. can picture it.

We're also having a bit of family troubles. My Aunt went to the doctor and they found a tumor the size of a baseball in her stomach. Cory's mom, who is like family to us, doctors had found another tumor in her and it's terminal. They operate tomorrow to ease the pain and find out how long she has. I feel so bad...I've known her since forever. She's just such a sweet person, her and my Aunt both. And I know something's wrong with my dad...he just wont go to the doctors. I wish he would. He's been having a shit load of problems lately. Last time he had to leave for only 5 months and hurt...I couldn't handle it if he was gone for good.

Well, I'm gunna listen to some music and hang out for a bit then head for bed. I'll try and keep up on the updates...maybe Mike'll get one in soon. Until then all, bye bye.
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