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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 7-2-2004 at 5:21pm
im at mias. fun... cept shes leavin me for like 1o days. why is everyone leavin?! well i think goldman is comin over tomorrow. goin to a 4th of july thing. miss moore, you should spend the night with me n kayla. or do somethinng with us.. hows bout tomorrow during the day? ya free? lol. bailey, mia wanted me to tell you that you have her pants. she sed you wore them to our b-day party. the pants with the balls. well.. i guess ill just get them the next time i see you. me n mia got our eyebrows waxed today. we got this 80 year old lady who did it. and she sucked. omg im gonna miss mia SO much!! SO much!!! more then anyone! lol. she walks in on mark and daniela.. and mark comes out and trys to grab mia and she jumped and screamed "DONT TOUCH ME WITH THOSE HANDS!!" lol. i love her. she enjoys walkin in on her brother. lol. no knockin.

just wanted to give out journal sites to ppl..
kayla goldman

.::love you::.
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