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thoughtskill (profile) wrote,
on 7-3-2004 at 11:12am
Current mood: happy
Music: all the small things - blink 182
lullaby's fill your room, and i will be singing, singing only to you
wow.. i dont even know where to begin.
I <3 nick =D
and kaela!
and sarah and jamie and markus and kayla and felicia and jeremy.

monday..movies..daniel. kaela. notebook. again. loved it. again.
tuesday..tanned.watched a movie with my mommy. i love her. my hair done. went shopping. went to the movies. nick. mark. daniela. spider man 2. harry potter 3.
thursday..nicks. <3.
friday..kaelas house.sarah and jamie. kayla and mia came over for 2 minutes. nick's mom'z birthday =D.. movies without him ='[. spider man 2. again. fell asleep on kaelas lap. fit 9 people into kaelas lil car. me, kaela, chris angell, chris agnello , markus , sarah, jamie, darren and kaelas mom. came home and talked to nick <3
today i was soposed to go to kaelas grandparents who live by miami with her but her dad sed n0 =[
so maybe ill see nick =D
I MISS JAY!!!!!!!!!
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