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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 7-3-2004 at 7:24pm
look at her go,
useless and torn.
at this point in time,
she'd never been born.
so many friends
the other ones had.
this case is so sorry,
hopeless and sad.
sat by herself
at the table in school.
watching those kids,
their label was "cool"
thinking about her fantasy
realizing it wont come true.
she'd found her solution,
her problem will be through.

got home round 4
dad was there,
drunk tired and sore.
grabbing the knife
she went to her room.
this lovely place,
would see her doom.

up from heaven she stares,
happy and free
up here, in heaven, everyone cares.
smiling bright,
not a care in the world,
shes happy now, everythings right.

i made that up.. feelin in a depressed mood, no idea why.

kayla's coming over later.

maybe calli.

her mom's pms'ing. lol.

gotta go!! kayla's coming.

i love kayla.

i love you.

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