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SinfulDarkness (profile) wrote,
on 7-3-2004 at 8:58pm
Current mood: depressed and lonely
Music: Scars of Life
Really bored and depressed...not much to say =(
If anyone is good at journal and website layouts please contact me.

General Stuff to Know
What is your full name?: Ashley Marie Everts
Where were you born?: Palm Springs, Arizona
What is your birthday/age?: July 14, 1989 and I am 14 soon to be 15
Where do you live now?: Glendale, Arizona
What color are your eyes?: Aqua
Hair color?: Blonde
Height?: 5'1
Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrious?: righty
What is your Zodiac sign?: Cancer

What is Your Favorite...
Color?: Black
Day of the week?: Friday/Saturday
Season?: Spring
Time of day?: screw the day, I like the night
Place to visit?: Oregon
Food?: Ice cream
Ice cream flavor?: Anything Chocolate, except mint choclate chip I hate mint
Thing to do outside?: Horseback Ride

What is/are...
Something you hope to accomplish?: I am gonna get a good job make a lota money have a big house and be happy
Your biggest accomplishment?: hhmm....
Your worst fear?: spiders...and being alone
Some words/phrases you overuse?: uh i dunno you tell me
The best way to spend a day off?: sleeping of course or sitting in front of th TV watching good movies and stuffing your face =D
Your least favorite thing to have to do?: hhmmmm....dunno
Do you...
Get along with your parents?: usually with my mom and dad almost never
Smoke?: no
Drink?: mhm
Do drugs?: no
Play an instrument?: violin
Want to go to college?(if so, where?): hell ya
Want to get married?: maybe....
Want to have children?: fuck no
Get along with your siblings?: ehh, sometimes.
Cuss excessively?: yeah
Talk to yourself?: sometimes lol
Sing? Well?: sure

Your Friends -- Who is...
The craziest?: monica
The funniest?: theyre all funny
The smartest?: stephanie
The most outgoing?: leesha
The worst singer?: i dunno
The best dancer?: leesha
The most fun to be around?: all of them are fun to be with
The most trustworthy?: Amanda
The most dependable?: dunno
The worst secret keeper?: .............
The most shy?: Libby
The biggest pain in the ass?: they all are at times
The biggest Drama Queen?: depends
The loudest?: Monica
The most attractive?: i dunno

If you could...
Go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: Oregon
Have any car you wanted, what would it be?: I want a big black truck =) with big ass wheels and a kick ass sound system....along with some nice sports cars
Go on a date with any celebrity, who would it be?: good desil (spelling?)
Have one wish (no wishing for more), what would you wish for?: i would wish to be happy
Change ONE thing about yourself, what would it be?: my nose
Try anything once (hang gliding, skydiving, etc...), what would you choose?:hhhhhmmmmm Murder (or have them offed) one person (no consequences), who would it be?: I have a few people I would seriously have killed if I had the chance.
Be a superhero, what would your superpower be?: uhhm...the power to light people on fire if they pist me off =)
Meet any one person, dead or alive, who would it be?: one? uh oh...uhhm...Angelina Joile
Go back in time and fix one mistake, what would it be?: Theres a few but I wont get into that.

The last...
Dream you had?: Lat night I dreamt me and a friend were running across the world cuze out country was being attacked by terroists and we were hiding in diff countries, why i had this dream I dont know.
Nightmare you had?: few weeks ago...
Time you cried?: hhmm....i think a few weeks ago
Movie you saw in the theatre?: Spider Man 2!
Movie you rented?: Dunno
Person you talked to on the telephone?: my uncle, he fucking called at 9:30 and i cant go to sleep so here i am doing this survey
Time you laughed?: yesterday
Curse word you said?: fuck
Book you read?: I am reading "Tess of the dUbervilles"
Place you went?: my backyard
Song you heard?: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh piano music
CD you listened to?: piano music
Person you yelled at?: dad
Person that yelled at you?: my dad
Time you played Spin The Bottle?: i've never played it. so uhh...iono.....
Year you went Trick-Or-Treating?: jesus uh....7th or 8th grade with Hill and Wendy lmao that was funny shit hahahaha wendy was a barbie Hill was a punk rawk girl and I was a gothic prostitude from hell lmao so funny
Drink you had?: uuuuhhhhhhhh Coffee

Have you ever...
Cried over a boy/girl?: yep
Toilet papered someone's house?: nah not yet
Egged someone's house?: nope
Played strip poker?: nope
Had a one-night stand?: nope
Gone skinny dipping?: yep
Been in a fist fight?: sadly not really
Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no, anyone who cheats on their bf or gf should be shot and left to bleed to death if the bullet doesn;t kill you
Lied to your best friend?: mhm
Told someone something you weren't supposed to tell them?: probably, i cant remember a specific time tho
Cheated on an exam?: yep....thats how I passes English 4th quarter I cheated my way through and I got B =)
Skipped school?: yep
Streaked?: nope
Kissed a member of the same sex?: nope
Started a rumour about someone?: I dont think I start rumors...I just talk shit, especially when I am man
Stolen anything worth over $100?: nope

Your perfect man/woman:: long list
Your best friend in 3 words:: trustworthy, understanding, funny
What you wanna be when you grow up:: dunno something with computers, ya I am a computer nerd
The next fifteen years of your life:: i dunno
The best day of your life:: i dunno
How you're feeling at this very moment:: tried, thirtsy, pissed
Your favorite thing about yourself:: i tell me
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