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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-3-2004 at 11:08pm
Current mood: cold
Music: LoNeLY // Britney Spears
Subject: n now u're lonely, yet u still want me // Britney Spears
today ---> take a breath.
CrOss PoSTin' @ LJ CHEcK iT HuRR
... woke up @ 6:30a.m & dragged my happy self to work. its nice being up early f0r a change, juSs' goTz no1 ta talk ta.

w0rked 'til 3. mR. mIke didn't work 2day s0o he stopped in 2 say "hEy fucKerz". TheN i totally wenT t0 get carts. i took in a d0nut Load of carts. there was 8 of them... & showin' off my skillz ta the hot m0f0's that passed by... i pushed them all in. but the 0ld people that i passed were like, "little girl, that's too many." n i juSs smiled & continued pushing... fuckerz. lol. come on. stop underestimating my abilities as a midget. 4'11 & 3/4" grr. lol

i came home & napped big time. not used to being up early. but i woke up & called mr. j0nah cause he is a demanding guy & insisted that i find the phone a little faster. lol, uM... we taLked & then enDed up watcHin' "DRiVE ME CRAZY" w/ Melissa Joan Hart. c0ol beans. then.. the phone died, lmao AGAiN... like right before the movie ended. then i gotta call from jackie, talked to her for a bit, & then Alex called. was g0nna g0 out with her, but jb's lazy bum didn't wanna drive. grr. anyways...

i g0t ashley p's LetTer in THe mAiL 2day! hehe 2 stamps & a pointless letter lol. <333 i love u mucho. plus i'm forced t0 put this in here by her lol j/k ur the best. s0rta.. i top u. then uR 2nd haha. <333

here's 2 self expression. <------
i wanna like... idk, just change. i need change s0o badly... whether its a new desk cause i desperately need it... whether its new green contacts that i am supposed to get monday, whether its new clothes, a darker tan, another ear piercing, another collage, a new cd, a fudgin' car... ((which daddy PURCHASED, friday july 2nd *i'm scared its nothing special, but fuck, its a car)), a new diet idea, new comforter, new cheerleading clothes ((goin' 2 sports authority on Monday, but i waNNa look online)), etc... i just need change.

i'm in dying need of new color eyes & perfect skin. i'm working out more. 15o crunches, 5o leg lifts & 5o glute thingy ma bobbers, um.. 25 push ups (KiLLA! lol), & 2 routines 0f cheer legs (Kaila knows, but no1 else). plus i drink nothing but water... & sadly have two meals a day, followed by my one choice of a junky snack. but that's my routine. sickening if u ask me... but i am happy with my body, just not the peeling from tanning & the fuckin' face i have. lol sry. that's the reason f0r all the water. who knows what's gonna happen hoez!

anyways... i've gotta d0o laundry & head ta bed cuz i've gotta work @ 9a.m. <33
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