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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 7-4-2004 at 11:10am
Current mood: accomplished
Music: slow motion
im going to see ashiee today!!!!! yay!! again!! lol i think ill give her the journal and bring the one pic that she likes oh so much!!! jeannie is going to see her around nooon so i migt join her!! yay!! she defiantly got banged up but thats ok!!! we'll fix it :] i love my ashiee! shes the bestest!!!!!
hmmm i also got her and tay a card and my mom got her momma a card, soo ooooo yeah. so bored. a buncha people want me to go out with them tonight but i dont know if i want to!! i prolly will tho.. but the neighbors are having a cookout, so ill see whats going on. i want tot go to the beach n see sum fireworks or go downtown or something of that sort...
well i think im done rambling for now!
oh yeah libby left yesterday :[ ohhwell ill see her in august so it makes up for it! now im going to be bored!!!! RARRRRH!!!
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