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supergurl (profile) wrote,
on 7-4-2004 at 1:05pm
Hey yAll... nothin reAlly hAppened todAy....I went to church And sAw mAh bAbii gurl Kelcey..I missd her! so yeAh thAts bout is At MeAnAs.... :-/.... I reAlly HATE her!...well, hAte is A strong word, DISKLIKE HER STRONGLY! yeAh, tonight I hAve to work At red white n boom with her.... wonderful....hAh....but yeAh, I Am bored And dont reAlly know whAt to, lAst night i bAbysAt, And we were on the phone w/ Mitch for a while, thAt wAs kindA funny...And then we cAlled todd...Im kindA mAd At him...but thAts A dif. story....thAt wAs funny...........heh....

Aww, TArA tAlked to Brett todAy, And All I sAw wAs her tellling Brett thAt I didnt wAnnA go to CrAkle bArrel bc the plAce reminds me oh him.....And he sAid Aw ur gonnA mAke me wAnnA cry...or sumthin like thAt....I wAs like AWWW!!! I reAlly Am stArting to miss him Agen....:'( oh well, i will get over him eventuAlly....I still reAlly love him, And i found A quote thats like juss right for him...
: ` rEal lOve is when y0u can shEd tears
for him aNd stilL care -` he ignOred you
and y0u still waNt him.y0u see him with
sOmeone elsE and y0ur haPpy fOr hiM.
n0 mattEr h0w much y0u want him`

ok, well, yeAh, immA bounce.....peAce....
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