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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-5-2004 at 1:14am
Current mood: sad
Music: its over // mest
Subject: but if you play them, they will stay with you.
its around 1a.m.

s0o i woke up for work early today. joy. got in at 9 & listened to Winona lol. she's insane & like 42. damn. all the medicine she takes, i swear. & Carol kept making fun of her. but anyways.. Cory was there... the dude kettly kept telling me about... he is kinda annoying, but he means well. s0o thats that. i don't mind him, its someone to converse with. but Michael came in. yay! unfortunately he came in @ 3pm though, and i clocked out @ 4pm. but the first time i saw him we argued lol, which was because he didn't directly say hi to me or give me a hug yesterday, just gave me a dirrty look & walked off. but... he was c0ol the rest of the day. after i clocked out he sat and talked to me while i waited for my mommy.

mommy & i left.. around 4:30... got wendys, & did some errands. then she dropped me off & i called jackie. we ended up hanging out 'til 1am. went to super walmart. cinderella shoes. rain shoes. kenny chesney. etc. we were being stupid lol. 14'' fake spinning mexican rims lol. but yeah... came back to my house... played with silly beads & looked up words in the dictionary... for a reason, not cause we were bored... well we were... but there was a purpose to it. but... she left. i'm supposed to sleep over her house 2morrow night. hopefully, then we are gonna g0o on the waverunner on tuesday & hang out. lalala. we'll see what g0es down.

neil called. i wanted to g0o hang with them tonight... but it was late & jackie has to work & it just wasn't a smart idea. besides... the drive was long... speaking of driving...

mom's plan ---> use dad's car all this week. on friday she makes an appointment for my license... who knows if i will get it. who knows if it will even happen & i didn't even wanna say anything about it because most of the shit that my mom says.... is meaningless. however... we'll see. i'd like it a lot. <33 i want to believe it.

this week is gonna g0o by fast... i have so much to do.

monday ---> errands with mommy. sports authority & contacts, tanning... hopefully. sleeping over jackie's house.
tuesday ---> waverunner with jackie... maybe i'll be able to see jonah? idk its been awhile.
wednesday ---> sleep in... cheer practice from 4-6:30pm. might be able to see groton & brittany. =)
thursday ---> reel big fish concert... that doesn't seem like it will be happening though? who knows. ashley c would come down...! score!
friday ---> cheer practice 8-11am. UCT concert @ Spankys with Jackie & Groton... that's gonna g0o down for sure. <33
saturday & sunday ---> i am probably working my lil' ass off again... but i can use the money.

ahhh organized my weekend. awesomeness. <33 goodnight. i hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July. xoxo

leaving you with some lyrics from IT's OVER BY MEST.... <3333

But this keeps happening
Time and time again
You're thinkin' to yourself
She was your only friend

But you're so fucking wrong
That you're so fucking lame
You realize you're all the same

She looked at you and she said to your face
It's over, it's over
She's got a new man and it's time for you
To move over, move over
You're drunk and mad you wish that you
Were sober, were sober
Cause now you can't get it out of your head
That it's over, that it's over, that it's over
Cause it's over, it's over, it's over
And it's over, it's over, it's over

Tell them lies and they will believe you
When you're honest they will deceive you
If you love them they will just leave you
But if you play them they will stay with you
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