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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-5-2004 at 9:12pm
Current mood: anxious
Music: You Got iT Bad // Usher
Subject: you're drunk & now you wish you're sober.
g0od day.

woke up early. was gonna lay out, but it rained. crazy motherf$%*er. um... s0o i helped mommy clean the house & watched my soaps (PASSiONS). then i g0t up & g0t ready for mommy to take me to Sports Authority to pick shit up for cheerleading. only, she handed me the keys. haha. baller. maybe she is sticking to her promise about getting my license super soon. s0o we ran to Old Navy ---> gotta few tank tops & some flip flops. Went to Sports Authority ---> got some bloomers, & soffees. went to publix ---> g0t everything i needed. when i got home... i took a shower, now jonah just IMed me & i'm talking to Groton. <3

i gotta figure out the deal with what's goin' on for thursday... cause if we go... i gotta see if ellen can sleep over.. but i got cheerleading @ 8a.m. the next morning s0o... lalala.

for now though... i'm waiting for jackie to pick me up cause i'm staying over there for the night & 2morrow... then we are gonna spend tuesday on the waverunner & in the sun. then when Brittany gets home 2morrow.. we're gonna head to the tanning salon... if she is up 2 it? idk we'll see what g0es on.

my sister was looking at my dad's keychain today, and on it there was a keychain that was for my car. and my sister goes, "daddy, who's car keys are these?" and he goes, "not for briana's car, they're a customer's keys." but why would he have the keys for a customer when he didn't bring their car home? haha.... my car is at his work. hehehehe. the excitement. i want the f%*$ing car lol <333

anyways, i'm out... gotta get my stuff together before jackie gets here. xoxo

o btw, i was listening to my Usher CD - 8701. the old one... & there was this song on there, "Twork it out" & it reminded me of jonah. *shrug* hehe
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