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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 7-6-2004 at 11:16am
Current mood: sleepy
Music: dipit low
well life is goin crazy.
michael is in Chicago. :[ im not going to see him for 15 days... he gets back on te 19th and i leave on the 23 and i wont be home ntil the 6th!!! it really sucks, i think im goign to want to be hom epart of the time. whatevr i dont know what i want anymore but i mrean i really have no choice an di know i definatly want to go on the church trip.
tonigt i was supposed to have softball practice, but chad wants to go see ashiee and i wanna go with him and lenny n he said he could prolly pick me up even tho i live a half a mile away lol. he just found out about her.. thats the sad thing. him ash n tay are really close. hes even really good friendswith her mom! i felt sooo bad because i told him the news and he was really sad to hear about taylor because shes like his lil sis...
ashley has a cast on both legs and arms and she has knee surgery tomorro... my poor ashley. i love her to death.. i just want to be iwth her all the time but the girl needs her rest. imean kevin stays past 10 EVERY night! i think thats ridiculous. id fall asleep on him lol.
but enough about ashley, the subject makes me sad...
but really all this shit i have to write is .
billy and i got into a really really bad arugment yesturday because this bitch carol cant fucking stop talkign to me. i hate blocking people and when i do i unlblock them later thinking they arent goign to talk to me. well suprise suprise! and when i levae them blocked they go on a new sn! they keep saying im such a fucking bitch and blah blah blah. an dim so ugly and yeah its pretty lame.
james mehlman is an asshole. he tried making plans with me for the 4th and yeah.. i couldnt ebcasue i went over the neighbors house and he got all pissy. so i called his ohn 58 times lol.. and this *chick* kept picking it up and telling me ima bitch and hes licking her clit andshe just got done fukcing him and shit and shes going to beat my ass and that i fucked and 8th grader and i should go and kill myself. i was like holy fucking jesus and kept haning up. thats why i kept calling back!
and guess who that mystery girl that kept hanging up and telling me all that shit was??
thats right!
yeah what a GREAT friend she is!
people are just soo wonderful. and i have to go on a trip with her! she blamed it onn being drunk but being drunk from 6:30 - 2:00... thats just bullshit. she didnt sound drunk at all. i mean i could be a REAL bitch and go to her mom but noo.. im nice. but i mean the girl did tell me to go kill myself. what kind of person does that?? thats sooo rude. i mean even if you dont know the person you shouldnt be saying that shit.
she "didnt" knowit was me is what she said. but come on. james had to have said my last name. the fucking boy. now that hes had sex he thinks hes the greatest. thats why we broke up once upon a time because all he wanted was sex and i felt sooo uncomfortable because i wasnt ready to do anything like that. and now kimmi ((nicole)) is saying shes fucking the kid! that makes it seem like shes a slut!!
well im done complaining for now. i need to go get ready
joe is going to pick me up to go see ashiee!
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