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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 7-6-2004 at 8:47pm
Current mood: wonderful :)
Music: burning up - madonna
Subject: little things ya may not know..
i love things with hibiscuses on them.
(journal doesnt hit any does it?)
i love things with black and white checkers on them.
if i could find something black and white checkered with a hibiscus on it then i would be a happy camper.
i am asking and asking for a drumset for christmas.
and asking and asking for an american bulldog for my birthday.
i go to get my permit in 9 days.
i want a pair of aviator sunglasses.
if i moved to daytona beach i would totally buy a mint green or tan and orange vespa or a 74 vw thing.
if i ever get really rich and build a house, i will have a room just for me to paint in and the floors will become an art cause there will be so much paint on them.
i love 80s music.
i love my old madonna tape from 1983 that i found yesterday.
i love to wear clothes that dont really match but actually do.
i love bangs.
i hate when they grow out and get all in your face.
i have been told that i dress like a beach bum.
i didnt take is as a bad thing.
if i had tons of moolah to spent i would spend it on roxy and billabong shtuff from surf shops.
i dont know what i wanna be when i grow up.
i always go back and check to see if i locked the front door when i leave to go somewhere.always.
i love to travel.
ireland is very high on my places to travel to.
i cant type with my watch and hairtie on my wrist or my ring on my finger.
i cant stand necklaces that are too big and plummet down your neck so i take all the beaded ones i get and cut them to make them fit around my neck.
i always flip-flips.always.
excpet when i have practice.
i love lacrosse.
i am not too fond of the ball though.
i love taking pictures.
i love art.
i love love music.
it should be a crime to make a remix of pink floyd's 'another brick in the wall.'
if this was true then the music people at express would be in jail right now.
lindsay and i have thought of jumping the miracle mascot.
'what are you two in here for? i killed a man with just a straw.'
"we jumped the miracle mascot."
i am constantly drumming on things.
i am pretty unlucky.
i am definitely clumsy.
my neighbors probably hate me for playing my music to loud.
not my fault i love music.
i am going to go eat a healthy dinner of a slim jim and a hi-c.
yum yum

andie andie oxenfree***

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