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justanotherface (profile) wrote,
on 7-7-2004 at 12:07am
Current mood: bored
Music: nural
Subject: Looky its a survey
Who are you?
What is your full name?: Stephanie-Anne Marie Catania
Current age?: 15
Current Location?:Arizona
Current Grade?: Sophmore
Hair color?: Dark brown and blond spots where the purple used to be
Eye Color?: Green/Hazel
Is your hair dyed?: Yes
Are you single?: No
Are you straight, bi or a lesbian?: Bi
How tall are you?: 5'5 1/2
How much do you weigh?:You don't ask a girl how much she weighs
What is your shoe size?: 7-8
What is your pant size?: You don't ask that either
What is your shirt size?: Lol big cuz my boobs are big
What size is your bra?: Geez your not supposed to ask this question either...36 big C small D
What size is your underwear?: um...
What is your ring size?: I don't know
Do you wear turtle necks?: No
Do you wear skirts?: No
Do you wear cloggs?: No
Do you wear toe socks?: No
Are your ears pierced?: Yes
Is your nose pierced?: No
Do you have anything else pierced on your body besides nose or ears?: No
If you answered yes to the above question, what is it?:^*^
Do you drink?: Yes
Do you smoke cigarrettes?: Yes
Do you smoke pot?: Yes
Do you do drugs?: Yes, pot is a drug
Have you ever held hands with someone?:Yeps
Have you ever hugged someone?: Yeps
Have you ever kissed someone?: Yeps
Have you ever given someone a hickey?: Yeps
Has anyone ever given you a hickey?: Yeps
Have you ever made out with someone?: Yeps
Have you ever done: done what??
Have you ever been in a fight (words only)?:Yeps
Have you ever been in a fight (with physical fighting)?:Not really
Have you ever been badly burned?: Yeah not big though just a little spot on my arm
Have you ever broken any bones, if so which ones?: No
Have you ever been in the hospital?: Yes
Have you ever gotten detention?: Yes
Have you ever skipped a class? Or a whole day of school?: Yes
Have you ever been suspended?: No
Have you ever been expelled?: No
What's the lowest grade you've ever gotten on your report card?: F
What's the highest grade you've ever gotten on your report card?: A
What is your GPA?: 3.3 I think
What were your SAT scores?: I havn't taken them yet
Are you going to college?: I think so.
If yes, what college are you going to/ what college do you want to go to?:I dont know
What would be your major?:Child development, I think
How many people are on your buddy list?: Like 76 but I only talk to like 10
How many people are in your phonebook?: Like 30
What kind of music do you listen to?: Rock
How many downloaded Mp3s are currently on your computer? 50
Do you think music downloading should be illegal?: No
I don't. Anyways, you have finished this survey. Any thoughts?: Okay
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