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xsingxthexsorrowx (profile) wrote,
on 7-7-2004 at 1:24pm
Current mood: blank
Music: Jersey-Saturday Night
Subject: Hey there
I know,I know, I haven't updated in forever.But hey, nothings really happened but, i'll fill you in on what did. On Sunday we went to see my granparents because they just arrived back from their trip.It wapretty much all about Grandma talking about how great Uncl Matt and Aunt Karen and their kids are. It made me sick. So what? their snobs and do everything perfect, big fucking deal.Then she tries lecturing me on my school -work. She doesn't know how it is these days,she's old, what does she know? Don't get me wrong, i love her and all but, sometimes it's just too fucking much.Grandpa's cool though.Great Grandma always struck me as slightly senile igo to LA this sunday and get to see my other grandparents who are a hell of a good time. They are soo cool, they never act their age, their always saying the funniest things, and they just let us kids be who we are rather than trying to change us.i love 'em.Nick (my nephew) is gonna be going with us!yay!
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