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sportsgirl (profile) wrote,
on 7-7-2004 at 10:27pm
Current mood: meh
Subject: another pointless enrty
The Want"
by: Jessica Richardson

I have never wanted

Something so much

That i would do anything

To get one chance

For the same feeling

That i have

To be returned to me

I have been clueless in the past

Blind to the world

But i guess its time to open my eyes

To see how things are suppose to be

The fear of being hurt

Has taken over my mind

Makes me go crazy

Saying things i would never say

But this pain is so bad

I'll do anyhing for it to go away

But the strenght i use to have

Has all gone away

So here i take each blow after blow

Letting it tear me away

Not being able to hide the hurt

Like i use to be able to do

Just sitting here

Feeling like i am dead

Holding onto the one thing i love

And the one thing i love

Could end up killing me.
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