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melikepeas (profile) wrote,
on 7-8-2004 at 8:46pm
Current mood: sad because no one wants to snggle me today
Music: stuff from chicago
Subject: Godsend
Spent the day with stace today, it was really nice ^_^
I went to hers early and we played on her game cube for a while on this x-men thing. I was dead good so its reignited my complete and utter lust for game cubes ^_^
We went to boro after that (oh and we saw claire on the bus and some gys been messing her about so she cried =( ) and we did a little bit of shopping and went for lunch over the road from walkabout and it was uttlery sexy *humps* id take damian there one of his lunch breaks some time but he wouldnt like anything on the menu proberbly.
Then we went to see Godsend, it was pretty good actualy, i expected it to be wank but it was quite good ^_^
Met up with Damian a couple of times and i wasnt impressed at all. He was acting like a bit of a nob (in short). I asked him when we got back together if he could show a little bit of repect and at least act like he wants me around. It started off like that but its gotten back to him not making an effort at all which pisses me off to a rediculous extent considering what im having to adjust to make him happy (which im happy to do but meh). I really need him to show a little fucking respect, if i treat him like he treats me id be fucking single and its really starting to bother me.
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