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twiztidclown (profile) wrote,
on 7-8-2004 at 8:38pm
well i have decided to live here in indy for the time being , i havnt decided if im going back to school or not. at first i wanted to but now i just want to take a break from it bc going everyday strait for a year sucks so i just want to relax for a bit. im going to see what some college here have to offer but till then im just going to look for a job relateing to my field but no hurry though. if things dont work out here i think im going to try kentucky bc one of my firneds here in indy that lives there asked me if i would consider movein with him and go to UK thats still up in the air just in case things go bad here. but i dont think they will . life here is starting to change for the best now that i have time for things and school isnt getting in the way. theres a chick here (ashly) shes pretty cool we have partyed a little to gether and hung out a little from what i hear she likes me so we will see where that leads..... well thats all for now. peace
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