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daydream (profile) wrote,
on 7-9-2004 at 2:34am
Music: shooting stars-ozma
Act your age:only when i have to
Born on what day of the week:i think it was a sunday
Chore you hate:vaccuming
Dad's name:kurt
Essentail make-up item:eyeliner and powder
Favorite actors/actresses:johnny depp and ashley judd
Gold or sliver:silver
Hometown:st. louis (fenton)
Instruments you play:i did play drums and i'm learning guitar
Job title:student
Kids:not for a while
Living arrangements:with my mom
Mom's name:laura
Number of socks you own:not too many
Overnight hospital stays:quite a while when i was born, maybe 2 or 3 nights for being sick/surgeries
Quote you like:"i used to live in a room fill of mirrors, all i seen was me, well i can't stand it no more so i smash the mirror and set me free."
Religious affiliation:kind of catholic
Time you woke up today:2:30 pm
Unusual habits:none of the food on my plate can touch
Vicious thing you've done:umm
Worst habit:i constantly say "i'm sorry"
X-rays you've had:quite a few
Your favorite season:summer
Zodiac sign:gemini

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