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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 7-9-2004 at 11:06am
Current mood: just woke up yet happy
Music: sugarcult - memory but i can hear aqueous transmisson by incubus coming from my room ha
Subject: down the strip II
again, tears were trickiling down my cheeks. i need to escape from the burdens that were weighing on my soul once again.

i had no one to call.

for you became the burden that made it hard for me to breathe.

after the last excursion down the strip.
after the last sunset we watched.
after the last kiss under the palm trees as rain seeped through the shimmering palms after the skys broke open after the sun went down.
after the last innocent goodbye peck from you on the cheek as i opened up your rusty car door and walked, dazed through the rain to my front door.

after all that
something about you changed.

our phone calls were curt.

when we met up, a certain warmth was gone and it was cold like a winter night.

i could tell by your eyes that something had changed.

now i dont know who to turn to.

i miss hearing that bad muffler of yours.
i miss us singing along to old disco songs as we charged down the strip.
i miss the smell of the ocean and your cologne as it mixed and made this scent that could make me melt.
i miss my best friend.
i miss you.

so today, with tears now hitting the ground and evaporating as soon as they fell.

all i know is that i need to get down to the strip before i self combust.

only one way. the el camino.

i frantically searched through our junk drawer for the keys to the beast.

finally i pulled out the key ring with my ticket to freedom and a big orange cactus attached to it.

i ran to the side of those house, keys and red cap on my head.

it took a couple tries to get the beast started. after about 6 times the beast was up and kicking.

i tried rolling down the drivers window but it was jammed and wouldnt budge as hard as i tried rolling it down and how much i cursed at it.

at the next red light, i stetched over to the passengers side and tried to get the window down. it only rolled down an inch and stubbornly stayed that way.

i let out a long sad and annoyed sigh and made my way into the 7-11.

to add on to the greatness of that day, the slurpee machine was broken. no cherry/blueberry mix for me.

there was only one more thing that could make me feel better.

okay two, but you never answer my calls anymore.

so i headed on the road to get to the strip. of course i got stuck at the longest light in town. i remembered how we both used to sit at the light just counting down til when it would turn green and the strip would be ours once again. i would always ask, 'why dont you just run it." and you would always say in your mellow gravelly voice, 'good things come to those who wait." and once our debate on the red light was over, the light changed and we were off to the strip.

green light finally poured through the beast and i jetted down the strip.

i found our spot.

i quickly turned off the the beast but left the old disco station blaring.

i ran to the spot and sat under the palm trees.

i crossed my legs and crossed my arms and sat in this little ball.
as my tears soaked my arm as i hid my face there.
i sat there and cried as 'she's a brick house' played from my car and wind rushed through the palm fronds above me.

my tears were suddenly stopped when i felt something cold on my arm.

i looked at my arm to see a slurpee pushed against it.

glancing up to meet your eyes that looked like the sea when a storm was rolling through. except i could see tears in that sea.

andie andie oxenfree***

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