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thoughtskill (profile) wrote,
on 7-9-2004 at 11:34am
Current mood: disappointed
Music: fall
thanks for watching as i fall
yesterday was pretty g0od =)
i g0t int0 mariner =D
NiCk .. HiS m0m .. & Ema were the 0nly ppl wh0 actully cared =(..
x OBaBiBriTt xO6 guess wut pretty babii
Brem47 :what what?
x OBaBiBriTt xO6 : imm g0in 2 mariner
Brem47: YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!
x OBaBiBriTt xO6 : yes ma'am
Brem47 : YAY!!!!! OMFG!!!!
x OBaBiBriTt xO6 : i kn0w <3
Brem47 : YAY!!!!
x OBaBiBriTt xO6: ur the only person who cared <333333333333333333333333333
Brem47 :Praise the schOoL BoarD
hehe =) love ya em =/and then i went to nicks.. me nick n kayla watched the texas chain saw mass..n ate =) i love kayla shes 2 cute.. n then i helped kay pack .. *all set* lol.. n we ate dinner n nickz dad made fun of his cl0thz *IWBB* lmfa0 - s0 he changed cl0thz..n w0w i cant even xplain h0w d0rky he l0oked.. he put beige pantz on n pulled em way way up n then ha d lyk a pld shirt n tucked it in n then kayla parted his hair in the middle n 0mfg i have never laughed s0 hard..n then j0sh came 0ver n did the same thing - n then me n kayla went 0n the c0mputer n screwed with pe0ple.. brittany jiZz lma0 .. u smell lyk a chicken..i love kayla sosososososososososos much <3333 i love their wh0le family .. there m0mmie is s0 sweet & their dad is hillari0us <3 ...
anyway.. then my rentz picked me up and we rented butterfly effect =)
the rest of the night kinda sucked =/ i hate liars
=( n0 one gives a fuck about me anymore =/

im pretty sure jay gets home tomarrow..
i dont know if i can make it that long..
i cant think of anything i need more then to fall asleep on the phone with him <3.

and i give you my everything
and you still want more
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