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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 7-9-2004 at 2:53pm
Current mood: calm
Music: down
I think i like the layout of my journal. Billy and I had a very very long chat the other night. I learned of his love for this one girl but i don't want to believe it. So well, I didn't . And we had a big long talk..
I think i might put this song in my journal instead.. its a pretty song.. Down by something corporate. I dont kno tho..
last night i spent the night at nicoles' shes like one of my bestfriends now but her and courtni and this girl lyssa are having their issues and really i dont want to get in the middle of it.. and courtni said to me to stop taking shit when i never said anything.. i hope this doesnt ruin our friendship... but i mean who knows... ill explain more later becasuse daddy is screaming about cleaning.. i hate cleaning..
I just wanted to let you guys know thanks for the comments :]. they made me happy. keep them comin.. i need alot of them to make me happier. im just livin on a bit of smiling right now.
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