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allmysinsx (profile) wrote,
on 7-10-2004 at 2:32pm
Current mood: sad
Music: mest
Subject: casey
okay so heres the casey story. caseys mom and george are getting married, which is really cool and all, but george lives in hope, and caseys mom is gonna move in with george, which would make there new location hope. and hope doesnt go to north warren, hope goes to belvedere... which means casey will be going to belvedere, and not north warren, casey was gonna stay with someone who works at her barn on the days her mom had to work. and when her mom was off work she was going to drive her to school, but casey doesnt want to live in two house the rest of her life, but it wont be the rest of her life it'll only be 4 years, but still, i wouldn't wanna do that either, but casey is still unsure what she is going to do, but if she moves to hope i'll be so sad, and not know what to do, and i'll miss her so much =(
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