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KirbyDee (profile) wrote,
on 7-10-2004 at 5:24pm
Current mood: worn out
Subject: Camp was fuuuun
Hey! I'm back from camp and it was uber fun!!!! So I don't have to explain later, Pat is Mollie's (new friend) cousin and so is Nick. Cole is Mollie's brother. I'm pretty sure that's right ^.^ Btw, I don't remember the dates so sorry. Things are a little jumbled.

Sunday: Yee slept over the night before and we left at like 10:30ish in the morning. Apparently the we didn't turn the volume on the dvd player so the ride was boring because we couldn't watch the dvd's on the way there. We got there and the cute kitchen boys, later identified as Nick and Cole, helped carry our stuff to Red Barn, our cabin. We changed into our swimsuits and we got the van for the ride to the lake. Everyone passed their swim test but I was really tired because I'm out of shape lol so on my way to the tramp I got really tired... Oye, was that embarasshing! So I refused to go in, had a 'I miss my daddy' moment. Chatted with the counselors but didn't know who they were lol! Didn't think to ask, so the first day was pretty bad. But we had fireworks and it was coolness, very pretty

Monday: Red Barn rode to the lake, I rode this awesome brown horse with a black mane and white star called Jack, who will be referred to as Jackie Boy from here on out. Love that horse, but he really liked to be in the lead. So when we got to the part where the horses gallop, he took off before I told him to and I flew up off the saddle (not off off, but into the air and landed back on it). Next to me was this girl Pria, who's been riding since she was 6, and she was on Hudini who was racing my horse. Crashed into a tree branch, didn't fall but it hit my neck. Not fun lol, was actually it was!!! When we got there I tried wakeboarding, I fell the first three times before I could even get up. The fourth time I got up for a little and then fell, ditto for the fifth and then I quit. Pat, counselor, said I did pretty good and I should try again a later day because I'll get it. Btw, Pat *swoonage* *faints* So that was fun, went on the dock and pushed counselors off. Pushed Dillion, Cowboy Chris, Tyler, Charle (aka Lysol) off. It was great when I pushed Charle off b/c he got revenge by sweeping me up bridal style, but he held me like that for a bit b/c he had to ask Chris if I knew how to swim because of what happened on the first day. So when Chris said yes he went to the edge and backflipped while still holding me! *more fainting* Some later day I pushed Charle off again, well I tried. But he saw me so he flipped me intoa hugging like posistion to try and push me in but I refused to go in unless he fell in too so we fell into the water in an embracing like posistion... hehe ^_^

Tues.: Did arts and crafts, made a cute hemp bracelet but never got the clasp for it... We did a little sorting, had to ride Three Socks, Matt's horse, and he refused to listen to me and would go for the barn whenever I let his reins down -__- We also played kickball, our time creamed the other. The score was like 20-15 or something like that. We also did a little goat tieing, that was most definately amusing... Went to the lake, sat on the dock and pushed counselors off... same old stuff ^_^ Think we played some games as a camp, we played um... steal the bacon or something and the Michelle was like "Run if you have a crush on a counselor" so, being me, I ran since I had a crush on like every counselor lol.... It was embarasshing, only two guys and myself ran... lol

Weds: We had our little rodeo thingie and yeah, we did a little goat tie relay in our cabin and yeah... my half lost but Pat said I did really well when I tied up the little goat ^_^ This is when I started chatting with Mollie, Amelia, Lauren and Kiki. Then I began spending more time with them and it was fun, they're not perverted and they're really funny. They play guitar and they're just awesome. We played BS later that night, and it was just funny because Kiki says the funniest things. She was thinking of a comeback and she finally got one and she turned to Mollie and says, "Well you what?! You despise me!" Lol, and then when she tried to correct herself she said, "I digust you." It was funny!

Thurs: We went river rafting (this might have been weds... I don't remember lol) and I got thrown in 4 times, 5 if you count Cowboy Chris tricked me and pushed me back in lol. We slept at the lake that night and did skits and games. The marriage game was funny, I just wish someone would have called me and Pat T-T Lol, they called Yee and Jimbo, counselor. That was good, Jimbo is awesome. Anyway, so after some "marriages" and the skits they asked who had never been and Mollie and Lauren raise my hand and myself and three other people go with Chris to a the van so we can't hear. The send us out one by one, so it's my turn and I go out and they ask me to stand next to this one guy (don't remember his name but I think it was Justin). So the first guy goes, "You can not sit down until you've given us the right answer. We are the three solemn judges." Then the second guy says, "We demand honesty for your answer." And then Jimbo, the third one, finishes, "Who do you love?" I didn't know who to say without getting some weird reaction from someone so I just said it was a tough question and everyone was like, "I know who it is" because I didn't keep my mouth shut when it came to telling people which counselors I thought were cute. So I asked if they meant love love or who I had a crush on at camp and so the Cheyenne (second oldest girl's cabin) shouts out "Crush!" I didn't want to say b/c I thought they were thinking Charle and he has a girlfriend, so Jimbo told me to listen carefully and they said it again. Now, I cracked because yeah.... I just did and I blurted out really fast, "It was Charle but now it's Pat!" And everyone gasped/ clapped and I turned around and hid my face. Lol, and then I was heading back to me seat and they're like, "That's not the right answer!" It was horrible, so then the middle guy says, "Don't listen to them, listen to me." and then I got it, I had to say 'Honesty' as my answer, duh! *hits self* Then the first guy is like, "That took you a while, but we got what we wanted from you." Lol, but Terra was funny! She didn't get it and they were like practically telling her. I can't describe it, I'd have to show you in person. So we listened to some stories and went to bed.

Friday: Didn't swim or eat breaky, chatted with my friends and we drew on ourselves. Anyway, so we had a dance that night. Lol, yeah. So for slow dances they yell switch and you have to switch partners, I danced with a lot of counselors since the campers were really young/ not cute or nice. Danced with Jimbo twice, the second time he tried to twirl me into him which didn't really work lol. There was this nice counselor, he had on this red shirt that said Green Day on it and had a dragon. I danced with him twice too, he was sweet and we actually talked a lot and laughed. Mollie got Pat to ask me to dance, I was in heaven but I couldn't say anything because I was way too embarassed lol. Anyway, so skip ahead in time and the the kids under 13 left. This girl in my cabin comes up to me and tugs on my sleeve and is whispering, "Dear God, please help me!" She was refering to the guy she was dancing with so I got him off of her and freaked with him, yes the first time Dee got down and dirty on the dance floor. Lol, anyway so this kid is hella perverted. I started out facing him and then he turned me around and whispered into my ear, "I can tell you've been doing this for a long time." I was like like, "Wtf, are you high? I don't freak dance with guys." So then he says, "Oh, well for your first time I've got to tell you that you're good at what you do." I damn near beat the shit out of him but I just bit my lip and he turned me around to face him. Then the little fucker had wandering hands, but it's not like I've never been groped and he wasn't going anywhere bad so I ignore him and then he leans in and has the nerve to ask me, "What color is your thong?" That was the end of the line, but I didn't hit him, should have, but didn't. I told him off and went back to my friends. So, now for the best part. This is before ther little kids left and yeah. So Marcus is dancing with this group, trying to get them to liven up and he was dancing weird so I stopped and arched an eyebrow at him for a minute. Too bad he saw me so he came over and started dancing behind me, well he was behind me for like 10 seconds and he wasn't leaving so I decided to freak him. It was bad, sure I pushed back into him a couple times but nothing too bad.... but then another counselor came over and was like, "Whoa! No no no! You two seperate yourselves" and pushed us apart. Lol, that was hella embarasshing but fun. Damn other counselor... lol!

Anyway, I had fun and I'm going back next year before my 16th birthday since it was just too awesome. Going to keep in touch with my new friends via AIM with Lauren, and next year we're going to go the same session ^_^ I'm going to get Michelle's email and sn from Yee, Michelle was the Red Barn counselor. I had fun.... nice to be home, but I miss Jackie Boy, Genie (owner), Steve (owner), Michelle, Terra, Nicole, Rhyland, Chris, Pat *drool*, Charle *faint*, Jimbo *growl*.... and most importantly Mollie, Lauren, Kiki and Amelica ^_^

New fav song: "All for you" by Sister Hazel and new fav insult: "Unless you want your penis in a sling, don't shaving cream me."
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