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SinfulDarkness (profile) wrote,
on 7-10-2004 at 6:12pm
Current mood: good
Music: Lacuna Coil =D
Hey wats crackin, this is gonna be a long journal entry so sit back and get comfy...ok well Julia and Libby came over yesterday which was fucking awesome cuze I haven't seen Julia in fucking forever and I haven't seen Libby since school so I got to see 2 of my girls which kicks ass =) So ya they came over around 2:00 and I was home alone cuze my mom and sis went out to see a movie, so ya they came over and we sat in my living room and talked for about an hour and stuff and then my mom finally got home and took us to that shopping center at the loop 101 wit the AMC 30 and shit, so ya she dropped us off at Cold Stone cuze we all wanted ice cream hella bad, damn I love Cold Stone its the best goddamn place for ice cream, so ya we got our shit and started walking down to the movie theater, we decided we didn't wanna fuckin pay cuze were cheap like that so we waited in an ally way waiting for people to come out so we could get in...not much luck, this one woman came out and saw us standing there and she was like "you girls go to the front and pay like everyone else" and shut the door and left with her children....ggrrrr....and then Julia tried knockin' on the door to see if anyone would open it, bad idea cuze a dude who worked there opened it...we kinda stood there and said we were just standing in the shade cuze it was hot and he left....a few minutes later these ugly ass guys were shoutin out us, they looked like they were about 10 but they claimed they were our age, anyways Julia ran off to talk to them and me and Libby were standing there until this chick who worked there came out and wanted to know wtf we were after that we decided we should try the other ally way, and becuase of Julia's wonderful manipulating skills, she got these guys to go into the movie theater and let us in, finally after like 10 minutes they let us in =) so ya we quickly looked for a movie to see and we ended up seeing Dodgeball, it was a pretty gay movie but it was funny, the guys followed us into the theater and ended up sitting behind us, yuck, but they did buy us a pop corn which was nice, even though 75% of the popcorn ended up on the floor cuze Julia and the guys were throwing popcorn at each other...ya me and Libby tired to stay out of ya after the movie ended it was Panda Express time, and the guys followed us there ya we ignored them and ate our orange chicken, one of the morons had a naked chick on his shirt and she had THO so I was like "did you know your shirt has THO?" hes like "ya i know thats why I got it"...typical guy ya they would come in and out of Panda Express until we left and started walking away....then they followed...and ya Julia wanted to go into Ross so we did and the guys followed us in by this time I was getting pretty annoyed...then one of the guys flipped me off becuase I had flipped him off earlier and of course I got pissed and started to go after him but I was in a very short skirt and flip flops so it was pretty hard chasing him around the store and then he ran out of the store so I went to follow but in the process I almost broke the glass door cuze I like slammed into it so ya I tried following him but the lil shit was fast and I couldn't run well in what I was ya I waited for Julia and Libby to come out cuze the women in Ross were mad that I almost broke the door so I thought it would be better to stay once Julia got her stuff we went to Pets Mart =D so ya we looked at the cats and stuff...Libby wanted a snake but they didn't have any but she also wanted a frog so we were lookin at the lizards and frogs and shit...I was gonna buy Libby a frog but I was a few bucks short so ya while we were looking at the reptiles those fucking retarted guys came in there we ignored them...and left and went to Bath and Body works for a few minutes which is always nice, and then after that we went to TARGET! Mwahahaha! Ya so Libby Julia and I went in there a looked around for a lil bit and played some ball in the isles..then Julia said she had to go to the bathroom so she left and thats when me and LIbby discovered the BIKE section! =D So ya of course me and Libby started riding the bikes around it was fucking great so after 15 minutes of riding the bikes and no Julia we decided to go look for her...we found her walking aimlessly around, so we brought her back to the bikes and all 3 of us started riding them, after about 10 minutes this pimple face high school guy that worked there who thought he was hot shit told us to get off the bikes and put them back, it ya it was pretty funny cuze he asked this one chick who worked there to escort us out so shes was like "uuhh... ok...did you guys get kicked out?" and me and Julia were like ya and shes asked whut we did and we told her we were riding the bikes and she laughed and said if she could she would have done the same ya we got kicked out so we started walking down back to the this time we were hella hot from the heat so we went in Subway to cool off...while Julia flirted with the guys that worked there I got a sub cuze I love ya while we were sitting down these girls walked past the window and gave Julia a dirty look....a few mintues later they came by again and flipped her ya we got up and left to go find them and see wtf their problm was cuze Julia didn't do the time we found them they were getting on one of those golf cart things and one of the bitches yelled to Julia "Suck my Cock Bitch" which I found quite disturbing cuze this was a chick...and well by this time it was getting close to the time for us to get picked us so we went and waited by the movie theater and got some water...on our way over there I saw that lil shit who flipped me off and as we were passing by I poured my water on him...all he could say was "ho" (thats the best he could do?) and walked away, it was pretty ya we waited in the fucking heat for awhile and then my mom picked us up and took us back to my place, once we got back we decided that we should get in my pool cuze we were fucking hot as ya we stayed in there for a few hours and talked it was tight....when we came in it was 10:30 so we all got on my big coutch and started watching HBO movies...Julia fell asleep really fast but I fell asleep at 12 and I dunno when Libby fell ya at like 2-3 am i woke up and I couldn't get back to sleep until 6 and then we all woke up around mom went and got us doughnuts and we stayed in my room cuze we were tired, or at least I was...we had planned on going to the Walgreens near my place to steal some makeup but Julia and I were tired and it was hot so we decided we would do it another time...ya they left around 2 so here I am updatnig my journal that I haven't updated in while...4 days until my birthday which is kinda whut else....well ya thats abut it for now I'll update in a few days...lata.
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