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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-11-2004 at 12:02am
Current mood: contemplative
Music: Ban the Tube Top // RBF
Subject: sheee has a girlfriend now lol.
went food shopping with mommy this morning. jonah called me while i was with her. he told me he'd call me back. i called him around 10pm & he wasn't homeeeee. =P

got home from shopping & went to the beach for a little. brett called - got home from helping his dad move... wanted to hang out when i got home. alex called - wanted to go to the movies, but my parents thought it would be a better idea if i stayed home & "rested" because i've been out late for the past few nights. w/e. so when i got home, i showered & met up with brett at the park. so many people were there. i actually met adrian... n then his bro, chris, robert, jason & wilbert. chance, my bro, & brett were there too. i swung on the swing while they played bball. chance gave me a nice big sweaty hug. yuck. n he bleached his hair, slim shady wanna be grrr. lol. adrian was trying to flirt - he has no game, but he was generous & gave me a ride home cause i didn't wanna walk. yay haha. brett & i made plans to meet back up at the pool. s0o i ate dinner & showed up to the pool along with brett, garett, danny, travis & nicole. then later, jennifer, robert & some other kid showed up. um... jennifer was cool, we didn't have a hard time makin' convo like nicole & i had. robert was funny - answering brett's phone when his x g/f called. brett & travis kept beatin' garett & danny to show off. lol... funny though. matrix haha. pool closed @ 10pm s0o we left. brett tried convincing me to go play man hunt with them... but i wasn't up for it. sore & i gotta work in the morning. s0o i came home, watched the rest of "Las Vegas" with mommy & ate ice cream. neil & i just made "plans" n um... jonah is on, but he said, "brb"... *shrug*. umm talkin' ta ashley c & felipe & camilo too.

found out that we are going on vaca from the 7/29-8/10 then going to school the next day?! not happening at all. i am planning on going to kaila's party & have soooo many cheerleading performances that week. s0o my mom & i are gonna make him reschedule ... for thanksgiving break? or new years? idk but just not that week that my dad was planning. grr.

hmm enjoyed the day for being very sore. but i gotta go put my work clothes in the dryer. xoxo ttyl <3
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