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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 7-11-2004 at 1:36pm
Current mood: exhausted
Music: Cute without the
Subject: dont bother trying to explain, i kno exactly what goes on...
wow. havent updated in a few days. so here goes....


well i slept ovr camilas and got woken up at 9:30 by tyler askin me if i can come over now to babysit. i ended up babysittin them for like 6 hours. ehhh. got paid tho. :D

then went to camilas. and then we went to scotts house and gusatvo and jeremy were there too. they ate pizza and i attempted to play bass guitar. then just like they promised....we proceeded to jeremys house to see the COWS!!! yay yay yay. it took friggin forever to get to jeremys house cuz we kept having to stop places. ooo ooo ooo! we stopped by this cute lil stream waterfall thingy by boca falls. its soo pretty. lol. then finally made it to jeremys and met up with jason and sum gay kid, mark swear to god hes friggin weird. like literally gay. but anyways. then more people came. cool people tho, yay!! martin, nick, joe, and annavictoria. they rock. lol. nick left and the rest of us proceeded to make the Long Ass Walk to the cow pastures. damn was it a looong way away. it was like on the side of LOXAHATCHEE ROAD!!! thats far. but yah we had to hope a fence and mostly everyone did but then friggin everyone chickened out and left. except me, scott, gustavo, and jeremy. we got pretty close to the cows when these 3 BIG HORSES came up to us. it was sooooo friggin scary. i swear to god i literally almost peed my pants!! jeremy was spazing out telling us not to move and ahh it was soo scary. cuz the horses were like protecting the cows. ooo ooo ooo!! they also had a DONKEY with them!! awww. but yeah they were so close that we petted them. then we decided to leave. jeremy, scott, and gustavo told me that i have balls for staying and not leavin like everyone else. yay i guess. lol. ooo ooo ooo!! i saw COW PIES too! LOL. then when we got on the other side of the fence where everyone was waiting for us, camilas mom called and said she'd be at jeremys house to pik us up in FIVE MINUTES. we were more than a mile away. we had to run our asses over there. scott, being the super cool dude he is, piked us both up seperatly on the dirtbike. we got there us before her mom got there. then she got grounded.

got home. went to alinas. talked. and saw the "other skaters" lighting themsleves on fire. (dustin, andre and their friends) so we walked over to dustins like they said we culd and yeah. they are sooo gay. its like...


(insert hand motions here)


thats enuff for this one entry. ill update on lauri's bday party later. peace.

..::LaTeR dAyS::..

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