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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-11-2004 at 4:53pm
Current mood: stressed
Music: famous now // reel big fish
Subject: she works hard for the money
worked. 9am-4pm. ---> ugh.
let me explain. i am s0o sore from not resting at all & having practice. i end up being the only person that gets carts until 11am. jack is too stubborn to do his job, & he's like 90 years old. fucker should be fired. but anyways... dennis came in. this kid is hottttt. i was too nervous to talk to him though. during lunch ---> i called danielle & brittany... they should be coming over to keep me company 2night.

hahahaha. he was with his friend... and he's like, "briana!" & i was all like, "hi joey! *big hug* whatcha up 2? how ya been? blah blah blah." he's super cute. s0o anyways... walter came in around 3:30pm. he was like, "hey munchkin" hehe. um.. right before i left he was going to get carts w/ dennis, & it woulda been fun to do, except i was about to clock out.

Terry: "You guys go get carts."
Dennis: "only us 2?"
Walter: "Well, there's briana..."
Bri: "bye bye." hehe.

s0o i clocked out & bought a bag of candy & laid on a bench watching everyone work while i just got fat with candy lol. then walter came up to me...

Walter: "You goin' 2 the meeting on monday?"
Bri: "No, i've got practice from 8-11am. y?"
Walter: "Cause i'm gonna be there, and u should be there cause i'm there."

believe me... i wanted to be there when he was cause he's hilarious and we just laugh at each other... *shrug*

um... my mom finally took me home. our convo in the car...

Bri: "yeah, and Dennis was the only other one there."
Mommy: "Yeah, he kept asking me all about u, like when he was gonna meet you, and when the next time u worked was and so on."
Bri: "i didn't know who he was, why was he asking about me... i've never seen him before."
Mommy: "He was interested, but don't worry i told him that you weren't his type."
Mommy: "i was standing next to him at the time clock & he was telling me how your boyfriends came in & i asked how many & he said 2, (referring to Joey & Joey's friend) & i said to him 'she has a lot of those.' and he goes, 'i can see why.' "

haha. anyways, i'mma go.. gotta call brittany & danielle. brett, & travis. and whoever else. <3
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