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melikepeas (profile) wrote,
on 7-11-2004 at 11:26pm
Current mood: content
Music: none, the crickers churping
Subject: my first adventres at matalan
Well i started my job at matalan properly this week. Ive been on tills mostly but spent a little bit on the fitting rooms as well. I like the tills better though, appart from when people forget their matalan cards and i have to go all the way over to reception and get them a day pass. And appart from when people by trolly loads of stuff its a bitch to pack everything >.<
The only bad things are what standing up for four hours strait does to my back, its really really bothering me at the moment.
Anyway yeah, dead good job. appart from the boys randomly stripp in the staff room, its rather ... odd.
Damian is staying another night. yip. Hes had some agro at home so its much more nicer for him here. with me ^_^ *sway* gonna go cug him in a bit.
i dont think he understood mrs suck.
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