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crazydimbohead (profile) wrote,
on 7-11-2004 at 6:00pm
Current mood: aggravated
Music: alot of diff stuff.. (all the names wouldnt fit..)
Subject: not sure what aggravated really means, but i say it means that im about to get pissed off... i just know it!
man.. alot has happened in the past two week.. i cant really say it all.. i love aqua teen hunger force!!! they rule.. my desktop wallpaper is MEATWAD!!! yay :p **owww i just bit the side of my lip** *singing.. SHES A BRICK...... HOUSSSSE... SHES MIGHTY MIGHTY JUST LETTIN IT ALL HANG OUT, SHES A BRICK..... HOUSSSE!* haha... man, my dads gf and her two kids are commin over.. i dont like them... grrr.... man i feel like shit.. i should throw up or something.. but i dont wanna make myself because i use to be like that.. and i dont know.. it hurts.. BREAKING BENJAMIN RULES!!! man, i have listened to alot of songs.. and i havent even wrote that much.. man.. today i told Sam Colvin to kiss KaCey when he saw him and he did...... i was just kidding when i said it.. but he didnt know that.. lol.. he said i owe him.. i called kacey a bit ago and asked him if he got a kiss.. and he was like YEAH!! lol it was funny.. and sam was over there and i said tell him i was really just kidding.. and kc did and hes like.. "she still owes me" lol... Thursday kacey told me that he loves someone else too.. and after he told me that i felt like we werent going out anymore.. i dont know but it made it feel different.. because now everything im with him thats all on my mind.. is that he loves someone else.. but ya know what.. it dont make since.. he said he loves me with all his heart.. wtf.. how can there be room for another girl then? lol.. oh well i love someone else too.. but shhh!.. lol... his name is forever SCOTT!!!!! :D blah blah blah... uhh.. man, i miss him.. but ya know what.. i may love him still.. but i love kacey alot more.. i mean although i did have greater feelings for him than i have had with kacey so far.. i have other feelings for kacey i never had with scott.. you cant have the same feelings altogether with another guy as you did with another one.. (god i love this song.. the best of me..) did what i just said about feelings make any sense? hmm.. anyways.. *singing.. tell me what you thought about when you were gone and so alone the worst is over you can have the best of me we got older but we are still young we never grew out of this feeling that we wont give up* man, i wanna see KaCey.. this commin weekend im going to Noel, Missouri.. gonna go camping and float the river in a canoe.. we do it every year.. this year kayla is gonna go with us.. but sadly laura is not.. she said she dont feel like going.. i keep beggin her... but nope.. she still says no.. uhhh.. anyways.. i guess im gonna go cuz i dont know what all to say anymore.. or im just to lazy to type it all.. iono.. bye
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