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behindmymask (profile) wrote,
on 7-11-2004 at 9:42pm
Current mood: accomplished
Music: me!
Subject: Friday
on Friday... i went to Erics house!~had a blast!~nothing happened just like there is NOT a hickey on my neck~lol~lol! ok fine there is but im not telling from who!~ it was me and SIX guyz!~~ i cant even remember all of there names! is that bad? jk i like 3 of them... i love 1 of them and i dont like 1 of them. i kissed 1... got kissed by 3... made out with 1... gave 1 hickie... got 3 (from 1 person)... proclamed my love 2 ERIC JAMES DALAS RATLIFF! i only kissed eric!~
Ande Anderson!
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