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melikepeas (profile) wrote,
on 7-12-2004 at 4:51pm
Current mood: confused
Music: bonnie tyler - i need a hero
Subject: more researchy stuffs
Well, i cant find a decent uni in the area that does the course that i want. Teesside do something close, only problem is that its a really shite uni and odds are ill have to live in boro to go there *sigh* ah well damian'll be happy i suppose.
Ill just have to really apply meself and do lots of extra work and do lots of back ground research n stuffs. Maybe im being way to ambitious aiming for a first honours. A second wouldnt be so bad. arf.
Maybe it wont be so bad at teesside uni, they have a student excange program to maybe ill be able to go and work abroad for a couple of weeks. that'd be really cool. They have good work experiance as well, to all over the country, that shold be cool too.
ah well.
well daiman'll be pleased i suppose.
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