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wierdo (profile) wrote,
on 7-13-2004 at 1:56am
Current mood: I dont know.
Well......its been quite the time since i've been on here. But dont expect me to be on here very often. I just thought i would catch up on a few things.

I'm not going to texas to visit my mom this summer. Which really sucks. And on top of that....she's getting married as well.

It was good to talk to you last night. It seems that your confused though. I know you miss me and miss us. And it would seem to me that you would miss being us as well. Which isnt the case right now. It doesn't make much sense to me....but you're confused. I just want everything to be figured out with me and you so i know what to do. So i know what to expect, wheather its a good thing or bad thing. I need to know.

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