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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-13-2004 at 9:18pm
Current mood: hopeful
Music: Sleep To Dream // Maria Mena
Subject: and u stumbled around for a good ten minutes. & i said i never seen some1 look so dumb b4 n u laughed n said i still know how 2 turn u on though.
"you could put JLo to shame." -- Alicia (the lady that works with jackie) referring to my butt lol.

this morning i woke up & went with jackie to get her rook... ? on her ear pierced. drove to cityplace & went to Ink Link & hadda go get the form notarized at her work & go to the car dealership to get a copy of her mom's license. then we headed to Ink Link over on Okechobee...? (that was after waiting for a 1/2 hour on the exit for southern blvd. cause the traffic was backed up from 6th ave all the way to southern.) jackie didn't even flitch when she got her piercing & that shit looked like it hurt! then we went to iHOP for brunch... lol the huge waffle & the fucked up pancakes lol. but afterwards, i came home... just sat around for the rest of the day.

pj called ---> "expect a call from dan, cause he thinks he has a chance." haha wtf? i told pj to tell the kid that he doesn't have any chance. sry lol.

neil called ---> i shoulda went to play paintball today, but i wasn't gonna go when only like 4 other people were playing. n besides, i went out with jackie. although mommy isn't too fond of it cause i shouldn't have been out while she was at work. =/

HCOblonde31: i'd love ta g0o tho
MoFo1788: ya ya ya, ur fraid jonah might get mad cuz ur hangin out with guys with extra barrels
MoFo1788: and lots of balls
HCOblonde31: lmao
MoFo1788: :-D

o yeah we kept getting whistled at by the damn construction workers. ahhhh. s0o uncomfortable. and then the guy in the eckerd's parking lot came up to our window & handed us his card & said he did computer work, but he wanted us to just call him... i'm like... WE'RE SIXTEEEEEEEN! damn, and he's like haitian & 30 yrs. old. *cries*

um... i've just been informed that... next week, after i come home from cheerleading camp... we're leaving for chicago... yeah... thats not happening. i still don't wanna go cause i've got shit planned... but we'll see how it works out.

yeah i just got back from being in my garage talking to rick, tim, my dad, & mom. lmao

rick: "u know what's in style now, those high beds that u have to jump on to get in. you know it'd be cool to get some silk sheets & just slide on that motherfucker."

tim: "i gotta wash my hands from grabbin' tom's ass."

o0o... about the plans for chicago... my dad was like, "well if you guys are going to fly up there, then i'm going to drive in my new vehicle." "u guys aren't coming back with me are you?" "i mean what if my new vehicle is a corvette?"

thats when... viper clicked. *shrug* there's no way. cause they're talking about getting some truck or a hummer. we'll see if my dad's shit talking with be worth anything... lol <3

anyways, i'm gonna dip. go finish my collage cause i have nothing else better to do, and nobody online is talking or responding. yikes.
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