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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-15-2004 at 12:47am
Current mood: energetic
Music: memory // sugarcult
Subject: deep inside the corner of my mind, i'm attached to you.
let's get away... far away to paradise.

---> i got my cheer shoes, & my desk.

---> let's break all the rules & just kiss away, because i can't hold back any longer. arg.

---> officially making plans for departure to chicago. calling jonah every night. any one else want me to holler at them while i'm away? or u can holler at me when i disappear. 254.8483. =)

---> i felt so pretty today. just looked in the mirror... n whoa... i saw someone i actually wanted to stare at. like when u know u see someone hot walking & u just wanna stare? i felt like just staring at myself today lol. unfortunately there's no1 to share my sexy feeling with. grr.

---> going into brittany's bathroom, undoing my pants & spending five minutes looking for the toilet... forgot it was behind me.

---> chels, nikki, michelle & i hanging out at practice. michelle is back, & it was her birthday. nikki *smell this. *niiiiice perfume lmao. student gov camp lol. cookie man... <3

---> seeing danielle g & people at mc donalds, and everyone just staring at me. either i was really ugly or really pretty... u know like that stare i was talking about?! or maybe... there was another reason for everyone to stare?! i do not know.

((--this may never start... i'll tear us apart.--))
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