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SnOwFlAkEa4 (profile) wrote,
on 7-15-2004 at 12:44am
Music: pieces of me :0)
Subject: interesting lol
snowflakea4: my mom gave mee a glass of whipped ram
snowflakea4: what the heck
catattack11883: ram?
catattack11883: what the heck is that?
snowflakea4: idk
catattack11883: lol
snowflakea4: i dont know why i typed that
snowflakea4: now thats gonig to be bothering me
snowflakea4: whats ram
catattack11883: do you mean cream?
snowflakea4: oh i meant to say cram
snowflakea4: lol
snowflakea4: cream*
snowflakea4: lol
catattack11883: omg ll
catattack11883: lol*
snowflakea4: dude
snowflakea4: lol
snowflakea4: something is wrong with me
catattack11883: thats alright your problems are nothing compared to mine lol
snowflakea4: thank you lol
catattack11883: lol someone will say that they are dumb and ill be like okay compare you to me youre the smartest person int he world
catattack11883: the*
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