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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 7-15-2004 at 12:52am
Subject: Killer!
So yesterday there were cops around my road all day. I heard something about someone getting shot. Anyways, I left for the day then later Lisa was taking my brother and I home. Around 9:30, my mom calls and tells us that the killer is in our back yard. At first we thought she was just being stupid, but we got to Simmons and there were cops lining the entire block and blocking off the road so no one could go down it. Lisa tried to and the cop yelled at her. So we call my mom again and she's telling me how the cops are all over are yard and the killer was hiding in our woods in one of our gun blinds. So then we drove to Algoma, only to see more cops lining the entire side of the block, and searching all the woods. Haha.. interesting I guess. I had to spend the night at Lisas, it was fun though. And I got outta work for today! So in conclusion, I guess the killer is an alright guy. Haha.. just kidding. But they found the dude. It was on the news n' such.

And that's the end of my lovely story.
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