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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 7-16-2004 at 2:09am
Music: christopher on da ph0ne
heyy yall!

sh0ut 0utz::

bailey-- i l0ve y0u and y0ur the bestest friend ever! im here f0r ya babe!

kayla-- w0rds cann0t describe just h0w much i freakin l0ve y0u.. m0re hang 0ut time!!

lacey-- y0u are in my bed right now!

britt-- y0u is da bestest big sister a dudette can get! we need to hang 0ut m0re. mizz jizz!!

chris-- b0o!!/jack/best friend cry babii!!**

mia-- mia i l0ve y0u m0re then life itslef. y0u are the funniest pers0n ever!! i <33 y0u t0 the starz and back *((haha, britt, you n nick))*

calli-- dude!!! lol. y0ur s0 sweet!! f'din t0 kn0w ya better!! we still g0tta g0 0n 0ur date.! ((haha:: r0bert w0rd!!))

nich0las-- da biggest c0olest br0ther in the w0rd. :-)

devin-- mah h0mie! / h0ney / 0ur sexii special special handshake!! y0u have a nice b0oty.

kaela-- heyy sexii thang! y0u are s0 beautiful!! alm0st as beautiful as da firew0rks at red white and b0ob ::c0ugh:: b0om!! ::c0ugh::

daniela-- i l0ve y0u! maybe y0u sh0uld c0me 0ver n jump in mah p0ol again s0metime! <3

mark-- mah 0ther c0ol 0lder br0ther! maybe i sh0uld walk 0ver therr right NOW! lol.

becky-- didis/ hillbilly!! lol. i think i l0ve y0u. l0l.. I L0vE MaH seXXi SoCKs! startin a new trend! l0l.

n t0o every0ne else, y0u kn0w i l0ve y0u!
((including m0m, wh0 s0metimes reads mah j0urnal! ))

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