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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 7-16-2004 at 2:30am
chris wants t0 hear fr0m yall!! answer the f0ll0wing!! ::
do you have a pee-pee?

is it a big pee-pee?

are y0u f0nd 0f y0ur pee-pee?

are y0ur girlfriends 0ok that their gilfriend has a pee-pee?

d0 they sometimes "grab" y0ur pee-pee?

when they frist f0und 0ut y0u had a pee-pee did they "ax" t0 see it?

did y0u let them see it?

new subject::

chris::what d0 girls like t0 hear fr0m guys?

kayla:: uh, they like it when therr man buy them an ugly d0g

chris:: then w0nt they wanna kill the d0g?"

kayla:: no, b/c celebrities have little ugly d0gs.

"im d0ne... i guess..."


if y0u can fill these 0ut and c0mment, then ill read them t0o him!!
l0ve ya all!!

kris & chayla! -- h0pe every0nes happy!

((chris sed mah pee-pees name is princess feonna)) l0l.
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